Saturday, 19 February 2011

What's on my mind?

I ask this question to me everyday 'What's on my mind today?' just to identify what the thing is on which I am focusing on that particular day. But that result is... huh! Lots and lots of things!! Can't figure out one and the most important.

The news of the day is that my throat was on fire! I went to the doctor and she made me to have an injection! Yes injection and said that you will need to have three more!!!

I wonder if there is an injection to kill bad cells which are causing illness, would there be an injection like this sometime to inject certain quality in a Man?

Suppose if somebody wants to be writer and having a symptoms of writing in him, he goes to a doctor and says I want to have an injection of becoming a writer! and that injection will have all those necessary enzymes which are required by the mind to become a writer!

Just a thought...


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