Saturday, 12 March 2011

My and mine :)

After having a lot fun to day I am tired now... But that sense of being important for each other is so soothing that it flies away all tiredness. The glimpse of each others' eyes was so refreshing that whenever I think of that moment I feel my eyes are having a glimpse of paradise. We met after a long time and we kept on talking for hours. We didn't want to say goodbye to each other but we had to so that we can meet again.

Returning home I said to myself,  "They are my friends and they are mine :)"

* Dedicated to my University friends


Thinking said...

hmm....good to read that you had a good time...

When sometimes our friends failed to make us feel important...its not that they don't love us...its just that they have something else on their mind....

Well...same way enjoy your day everyday.

Sharmeela said...

ahha, I love my friends too. Where ever we are we are enjying that's the only reason we are friends.

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